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    argh! HandleListBoxEventL vs OfferKeyEventL

    HI all...

    In my container i have




    Seriously, what is the difference between both of them, most key events, if not all, go tru both of them, and as far as i can see you can easily interchange code between the both of them.

    Is it general practice that HandleListBoxEventL is used for only keys that correspond to List events only(up, down, enter). I can even have
    iListBox->OfferKeyEventL(aKeyEvent, aType);
    within my Container::OfferKeyEventL.

    EEventEnterKeyPressed which is meant for Container::HandleListBoxEventL is also captured by Container::OfferKeyEventL, in that case i might as well code everything within Container::OfferKeyEventL. But how sane is that?

    I just get frustrated because the difference of purpose between these 2 functions isn't very clear. Is there a general practice or coding guideline for me to follow?


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