Hi, everyone,these days I m writing the app for sending SMS by Nokia phone.I encounter a problem that when after I send a message to phone, I read the MSComm.input, but I can read nothing, the flowing is my code:

sAt := 'AT+CMGF=0'#13;
MSComm1.Output := sAt;

//the strLength will return 'AT+CMGS=length'#13;
//the strPdu is the body of msg in PDU formate
getCMGS('13692432800', 'Hello world!', strLength, strPdu);
MSComm1.Output := strLength;
MSComm1.Output := strPdu;
MSComm1.InBufferCount := 0;
MSComm1.InputLen := 0;

iStart := GetTickCount;
iEnd := GetTickCount;
sR := MSComm1.Input;
iEnd := iEnd - iStart;
until (Ansipos('OK', sR) > 0) or (AnsiPos('ERROR', sR) > 0) or (iEnd >= 6000);

Can any one help me?