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    UAProf's on nds.nokia.com


    I am developing browser-based XHTML content for series 60 devices and wish to cutomise the user experience for each individual handset. On examining the headers found the URL (for 3650):

    As is hosted by nokia I am assuming this is most likely the be the most valid and up-to-date UAProf available?

    If so what is the uptime of the service like?



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    The terminal UAProfiles in nds.nokia.com server are in update process at the moment.

    The official User Agent profile URLs to Nokia Repository Server will be published at Forum Nokia web site later on. Before that, we do not guarantee profiles being accurate.

    At the moment the best way to get data for customizing is to see information from Forum Nokia documents such as Nokia GSM WAP Phone Characteristics document and Nokia GSM WAP Phone MIME Type document. Also the HTTP header sent from terminal to server provides information about the terminal.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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