Having some problems with Delphi 6 and installing both SDK 2.1 and 3.0b. A search of the forum (Delphi + Install) highlighted that the problems found have been seen before (some time back) -

error "SMS3ASuiteLib_TLB.pas Undeclared Identifier : ValidityPeriodFormat"

or error in this function:
function TShortMessage.Get_UserData(index: Integer; out pVal: Byte): HResult;
Result := DefaultInterface.Get_UserData[index, pVal];

SMS3ASuiteLib_TLB.pas: not enought actual parameters

There appears to be issues either with the SDK and Delphi or the Delphi Import Type Library function.

Questions - Has this had a fix identified ? If so can you direct me to the fix details. If not, will/can this be fixed to run under Delphi 6? Does this problem occur under Delphi 7?

Sorry for the long winded question and being late to ask the stupid question of the day - but would appreciate any assistance

Many thanks