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    Multiple sockets connection with the same device


    I am developing a C++ application and I would like to connect several channels to the same Bluetooth device.
    It is, several L2CAP connections using different PSM, for example, L2CAP socket with PSM 1 (SDP) to a device, plus other PSMs to the same device.

    I have heard in this forum that there are APIs that support multiple connections. Are these APIs available for the general public? Or are they only available by means of a payment?

    If this API is free, is there any example with multiple sockets connection?

    Thank you very much!

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    We have only point-to-point example (on top of RFCOMM) in the Series 60 SDK, but multiple connections should be possible from Nokia Bluetooth HW point-of-view (the only limitations are that Nokia's Series 60 devices cannot accept multiple connections from remote devices (i.e. being a slave to a multiple devices simultaneously), and master/slave-switch is not supported). So you can create a connection from one device to two or more devices (max. 7).

    It should be possible to create such an application using public APIs from the Series 60 SDK.

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