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    Problems with WAP OTA configuration with Nokia 3650/7650 and 3330/3410

    I'v tried to implement an OTA configuration solution for WAP CSD, WAP GPRS and MMS for different kind of phones, and it seems to work well, expect the phones mentioned above.
    I've faced the following problems:
    1) With Nokia 3650 and 7650: the GPRS WAP settings sent to the phone are arriving and showed as configuration messages, but when I want to open it, it tells me "Invalid file format". I send the , me OTA message to other phones (7250, 6610, 3510i...) and it works fine. And the WAP CSD and MMS settings also work with these phones (3650 and 7650 too).

    2) With Nokia 33310 and 3410: the WAP CSD settings are arriving and are stored, but although I set them as active, the phone can't connect (I should check my parameters). The same OTA message works with all the other phones...

    The messages I use:

    WAP CSD:

    Header1: 0B0504C34FC0020003B90201
    Body1: 010604039481EA00010045C60601871245018713110331302E392E382E37000187146101872111032B333637303730303039323700018722700187231103766F6461776170000187241103766F646177617000018728730187296C0101C606018712410187131103323232000187146001871A11032B33363730393939363530
    Header2: 0B0504C34FC0020003B90202
    Body2: 3000010186071103687474703A2F2F7761702E766F6461666F6E652E68752F0001C6080187151103566F646157617000010101


    Header1: 0B0504C34FC0020003040201
    Body1: 01062C1F2A6170706C69636174696F6E2F782D7761702D70726F762E62726F777365722D73657474696E67730081EA01016A0045C6060187124901871C11037761702E766F6461666F6E652E6E657400018713110331302E392E382E37000187227001871D6A0187231103766F6461776170000187241103766F646177617000
    Header2: 0B0504C34FC0020003040202
    Body2: 0101C6080187151103566F6461666F6E65204750525300010186071103687474703A2F2F7761702E766F6461666F6E652E6875000101

    Thanks for your help!


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    I have no time to decode the message, but have a look to MMS Settings document available at Forum Nokia. It has been tested with Series 40 and Series 60 devices. It's not that different from WAP settings.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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