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    sis works in emulator and dont want to work on phone!


    i've downloaded "Borland_v1_1_S60_Nokia_Edition.zip"
    tools and SDK for writing c++ apps for Symbian 60.
    i've run borland ide, file/new/other/import mobile application
    and opened some example (ProgressBar). then i've compiled it and with Project/Deploy To Device -> created sis file
    when i try to run this project it looks good in emulator
    byn when i put sis file on my nokia 7650 Symbian 6.0 v0.9
    and then install it no new icon appears in my menu. using FExlorer i found application installed in c:\system\apps\ProgressBar\ - and each time i try to run ProgressBar.app ive got a message: "System Error!"

    what it could be?

    only suspiction is the message ive got while compilation:

    MAKEDEF WARNING: 1 export(s) not yet Frozen:
    + \Nokia_Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\BUILD\NOKIA_SYMBIAN\6.1\SERIES60\SERIES60EX\PROGRESSBAR\GROUP\AKNEXPBAR\WINSB\.tst(3) : @NewApplication$qv @1

    what i can do with it ?

    thanks for help

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    Does your application include any static DLL? If yes, you need to use the following command from command line:

    abld freeze

    to freeze the exports

    Also, if you want to deploy your application onto a real phone, please compile to "ARMI" or "Thumb". "Wins" build only works for emulator. Please refer to SDK help for how to deploy your application.

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