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    Pre-commercial Nokia 6600

    I am working for Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated circuits, we are a German based R&D company. We developed a novel sensor system, patented in Europe and the Untited States. We already launched a product applying this sensor system.
    We are currently working on the transfer and the display of the sensor data on a mobile phone. Our Java code runs correctly on different emulators, but we want to test the source code on the final target platform. My question is now, if it is possible to buy a pre-commercial Nokia 6600.
    If there are opportunities please contact me directly via email, so we can discuss the details. I can also send you demo material and further information about our product.
    I am looking forward to your answer,
    Marcus Hartmann

    Visit our website:

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    I need one as well

    Hi, we're doing development work as well, particularly with Mobile phones and Bluetooth and we need the 6600 as well, so if you've managed to get one, please let me know where from!


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