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    Creating smartmessage picture message.

    Hi, iv the following message, with text and a ota image. This must be devided in three parts, na the parts are:

    --first--lenght 280
    0051000C911316549959F700F5A724F8 0B0504158A00000003BA030130000008486979610200E200481C010541C10000000000000000000000000000000007FFF8007F800F007FF8F8003FFC00F007FFCF8003FFC00F007FFCF8003FFC00F007FFE0007FFE00F007C3EF8FE07C1E7E0F007C3EF9FF87C1E1FF0F007FFEFBFFC7FE03FF8F007FFEFBF7C

    --second-lenght 280
    0051000C911316549959F700F5A724F8 0B0504158A00000003BA0302FC7CF007FF8FBE3E7FCF83CF007FF8FBE3E7FCF83CF007FF8FBE03FCF83CF007C0FBE0F81EF83CF007C0FBE3EF81EF83CF007C0FBF3CFFFEFC7CF007C0FBFFC7FFC3FF8F007C0F9FF83FF81FF0F007C0F9FF83FF81FF0F007C0F83E07E07E0F000000000000000000000000000000000

    0051000C911316549959F700F5A724F8 0B0504158A00000003BA030300000000000000000000000000000000000

    It comes in the phone as two messages, where part 1 is empty (nokia 3330) and part two is the third part as plain text.

    My first pdu is:
    91 -> length address
    1316549959F7 -> phonenumber +31614599957
    00F5A724 ->rest of the header
    F8 -> length of next data part in this sms =248 chars.

    Does anyone see what i'm doing wrong? Any help Greatly appreciated..

    Posted by HJ Meulekamp, henkm@ccni.nl
    on March 22, 2002 at 13:18

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    RE: Creating smartmessage picture message.

    Posted by ANKANET (www.ankanet.com.tr), ankanet@ankanet.com.tr
    on March 29, 2002 at 11:06

    We have Java API solutions for this purposes.
    You can easily encode a GIF(bmp, jpg,...) image into picture message or any other smart messaging compatible format.

    Please contact us and check the url for info;

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