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    Desperate. About to quit


    What more is need to send an sms (text message) from my pc connected to my 6160i tdma phone via the dlr-3p data cable.

    1. Hyperterminal

    If it can be done with AT commands through hyperterminal then how should the connection properties be set up?

    How through hyperterminal can I determine that I can control my 6160i via AT commands? How at all can I tell if I can control the phone in such a manner?

    Can someone give me an example of a set of AT commands that will send a SMS through hyperterminal.

    2. Nokia Data suite
    to my knowledge there is no data suite for my phone.
    Is it possible that the Nokia Data Suite 3.0 for the 6190 phone will work for my 6160i?

    If so and being I've never used Nokia Data suite then how will it help?

    Does Hyperterminal need another program like Nokia Data suite to make and send the sms?

    I see what results I get from these questions and if I have more (and I do but am frustrated) then I'll post yet again

    Please help me because if I need to purchase another model phone (keep in mind I am from Canada)the I need that info asap.


    Tim Whitson

    Posted by Tim Whitson, twhitson@ford.com
    on March 23, 2002 at 02:56

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    RE: Desperate. About to quit

    Posted by Loh Brendon, brendonloh@hotmail.com
    on March 25, 2002 at 03:57


    I did mine using the default settings provided by the hyperterminal itself. However, mine was done connecting to a Wireless GSM modem.

    The commands to send SMS are;

    AT+CMGS="1234567" ;Phone Number
    >"Type your message here" ; Terminate with Ctrl-Z.

    Please read through the FAQ.

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