I try to get it by GetScanLine,but it return a TDes8&, i think it's a array of TDes8 .
and i want to modify it and set it to another CFbsBitmap(as Mask File) by calling SetScanLine.
and then call BitBltMasked to do some operations.

My question is :
1:Is TDes8 is like a COLORREF value in MFC,and how can i do with it if i want to modify it as a color.

2.Is SDK have the api "SetPixel" or something like it,i only find the function "GetPixel".

3.Is there some good information of Symbian 6's except SDK's Doc,kike some book or something?

My development tool is VC6 Enterprise edition(sp5) + Symbian SDK 6.1 (Nokia) + WinXP(sp1)

Many thanks!!!