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    Sending WAP Push Message / Service Settings Message

    Hi All,

    i have been trying to send wap push messages from my nokia phone which is attached to my pc. I am not too sure on how to send this wap push message thru my pc to another phone.

    I have been told to connect to a Push Proxy Gateway to send my wap push message. Also if anyone can elightenment me on Push Proxy Gateways that would be great.

    Would be really grateful if someone could outline the steps involved in sending out a wap push / service settings message.

    P.S. The Nokia Documents on the above issues are a bit hard to follow.

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    Push Proxy Gateway


    Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) is a server maintained by the operator. The get to connected with the PPG you only need an Internet connection and an agreement wih your local operator.

    Forum Nokia also offers PPG access for testing purposes for 200 EUR / 2 months. The service is at the moment only available in the Europe region.

    Have you read the "Getting Started with WAP Push" document which you can find from the Forum Nokia web site?

    Best Regards,
    Jori / Forum Nokia

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