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    Nokia 9210 Communicator support for call back feature

    Does the Nokia 9210 Communicator support call back feature?

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    RE: Nokia 9210 Communicator support for call back feature

    Yes, one feature to increase security in the 9210 communicator is support for call back on a PPP link. The other advantage of the call back is to control phone costs of mobile terminals.

    When using call back in the Nokia 9210 Communicator, call back is requested during the PPP negotiation. After negotiating the call back, the remote server should close the connection and call back within one minute (60 seconds) using the same connection rate which was used to connected to the call back server.

    There are three call back modes available:
    > IETF PPP callback with a server-specified number (type 0), RFC 1570
    > Microsoft Callback with a server-specified number
    > Microsoft Callback with a client-supplied number

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