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    Accessing IR port from an App

    Hello Nokia comunity,

    I am looking for a phone that I can write a simple app to send an SMS message and receive the reply. The app needs to have access to IR port and rceive the SMS address and message conetnt from another device (a POS device) and send the messge. Once the reply comes back, it needs to send it down to the device. Basically, the phone acts like a slave and the POS device is the master controls the phone.
    What phone can I use for this? I prefer to use a Java enabled phone but if that's not possible I can live with any available solution.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Accessing IR port from an App

    I am trying to do the same thing on Nokia 3110C

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    Re: Accessing IR port from an App

    Not very familiar with the POS word.
    Is this another phone? or a diferent hardware.
    If this is another phone with also a java application, you can use CommConnection enabled since S60 3ed and S40 3ed.
    If this is an specific hardware, then I strongly recommend to use bluetooth having a serial/bluetooth adapter in your hardware.
    IR communication implements a higher level protocol, it is not simple ASK.

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    ifteebuet, please let us continue there …

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