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Thread: To Mr.Auvinent

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    To Mr.Auvinent

    Thank you for helping.
    Here are 2 sms messages that I try to send to mobile
    1st message : 280 bytes
    2nd message : 114 bytes

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    RE: To Mr.Auvinent

    I did split the actual ringtone data to 2 equal size strings, I added the TPDU at the begining and I was able to send this Soljuz (Russian national anthem).

    First message (lenght 139):
    TPDU1 0041000C91535830XXXXXX00047E12050415810000
    UHD1 0B0504158100000003010201
    DATA1 024A3A518D8D8DC00400E91E55869055A5E06504984985D055A4E0550834D35038838D49281341361561741969A81C495628921271A6A071065855869065A5E06504984985D055A4E0550834D35049A41969781522891127186986586987125585486886585D85585D8652

    Second message (lenght 139):
    TPDU2 0041000C91535830XXXXXX00047E12050415810000
    UHD2 0B0504158100000003010202
    DATA2 4984924206905DA6606905DA6606905DA6A0A2692027186986586987125585486886585D85585D86524984924206905DA6606905DA6606905DA6A0A26920C26424C49C61A61C62892526986887086986585D86586925D85C86906585D8550834D3505134126A4E40D20000

    (XXXXXX is being used at TPDU header to hide phone number)

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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