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    Sandbox problem again

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for reading this. I'm having troubles with
    the "sandbox" concept because I want to open
    file which is out of the JAR file of my MIDlet. (I want
    to seek positions in the file , write to it and etc.)

    Does anybody knows how to do this task ?

    I understood from the newsgroups that I can't use
    JNI since it is not supported on common devices
    such as Nokia 3650. Is it really true ?

    Why the MIDlets can't use the FileSystem as the Native
    Code does it ? If so, why can't use JNI ?

    I wrote an application for other company cellular and
    thought it would be easy to ajust the code to Nokia API-s.
    But it seems to be painfully long C++ coding nights.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is Something called as KNI are you aware of it?

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    information on KNI

    Thank you, very much chandu_bgm .
    I didn't know about KNI, but I now have basic idea what it is.
    I understood that the methods that are available to Java calls
    must be implemented by the VM creators ( Nokia Dev. Team).

    I searched the "Forum Nokia" but it did'nt tell me what are
    the KNI functions that I can use. If it is not a big trouble
    to you, could you please post some links with more
    information on KNI & Nokia -
    what is available to use from the build-in VM ? how to acess it ?

    Thanks again,

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    What is available to be called in the KNI is the MIDP 1.0 API.

    You cant do what you want to do without loading your own implementation of the VM on the phone. They were very careful to keep us all in our sandboxes.

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