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    Automatic keyboard reporting


    I would like to have a Nokia Bluetooth device do automatic key reporting over Bluetooth. As I read in the specs, this should be supported by all Bluetooth devices.

    But as this feature is relatively new and seems to be closely related to the hands-free profile (not all Nokia devices support the hand-free profile)...

    I would like to know which Nokia Bluetooth devices do support the AT+CMER automatic keyboard reporting?

    I thank you in advance, and I wish you agood day!

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    RE: Automatic keyboard reporting

    AT+CMER is mentioned in the brand new AT command document (it can be downloaded from Messaging Section:
    http://www.forum.nokia.com/smsforum/main/1,35452,1_2_5_3,00.html ).

    The document describes AT commands that can be used with new Nokia GSM products which have started sales after autumn 2001 (For example Bluetooth phones 6310, 6310i, and 8910).
    Some commands are not supported by all Nokia GSM products or by all operators.

    Nokia 6310, 6310i, and 8910 should support AT+CMER, as they support Handsfree Profile.

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