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    how to install app on 7650 device??

    how do you install application on the nokia 7650 device? i transferd the file using infra red, and the sis file sits in 'inbox' and when i install it from there it says its installed but doesnt show in the 'extras' . is there a way to see/access the directory like in 9210.. some sort of file manager.

    how do i get the app installed?!


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    RE: how to install app on 7650 device??

    There is a file browser menu through which you can drill down to the file system. Also you can go into Installs (C) or System to see if there are files that need to be installed.
    I can't think of anything with this very little information that you have provided but there are a couple of thngs that I would wish to ask you.
    Are you installing a native Symbian applicaiton or a J2ME application?
    Are you using unique UID for this application?
    IN case of J2ME app. as you said it says the applicaiton is installed but then you have to drill down to the File Browser menu and actually launch the .jad file which then opens the install tab of the App UI menu and then proceeds with the installation of the application. Seems similar is the case for a Symbian app.

    Hope this comments help you. Please feel free to get back in case you have further problems.


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