I was trying to intercept WAP Push messages using WMA and J2ME with no luck.

Here is the problem:
WAP Push messages uses the destination application port 2948. Therefore, I have written a midlet to listen to sms://:2948. After that, I started the Midlet on the phone and attempt to send a WAP Push - Service Load message to the phone. However, nothing shows up on screen. Could anybody help?

The application port number 2948 is in the list of restricted ports in WMA. The following is an excerpt from the wma1.1 spec:

For security reasons, Java applications are not allowed to send SMS messages to the port numbers listed in Table A-4. Implementations MUST throw a SecurityException in the
MessageConnection.send() method if an application tries to send a message to any of these port numbers.

However, it didn't say that I couldn't intercept and recieve messages sending to that port. Is there a problem with my understand or the implementation?