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Thread: DTL-1 and 6310i

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    DTL-1 and 6310i

    I have the DTL-1 bt card and battery pack for 6210, and just recently upgraded to 6310i. After trying to connect the phone to my pc via bluetooth (and not succeding) I read about them not being compatible.
    I just want to be 100% sure (ie. getting an answer from an Nokia employee) that this is correct, maybe an explanation.


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    RE: DTL-1 and 6310i

    Bluetooth is a rapidly developing technology and backward compatibility is therefore sometimes difficult to ensure. The Nokia Connectivity Pack enables Bluetooth functionality for the Nokia 6210 phone only. There is an interoperability issue between the Nokia Connectivity Pack and the Nokia 6310/6310i/7650/8910, which is an unavoidable consequence of the fast pace of Bluetooth standardization (migration from v1.0B to v1.1).

    To ensure full functionality with the Nokia 6310/6310i/7650/8910 and Bluetooth-compatible phones, a new Connectivity Card DTL-4 and Bluetooth Software Suite are required.

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