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    6800 contacts access

    Hi all

    According to the Nokia 6800 technical specification the Nokia UI API provides access to contacts through text box for phone number and email address. Where do I download the API that supports these calls? Since there is no Nokia 6800 emulator Nokia recommends working off the 7210 emulator where these calls are not supported. Alternatively can someone provide the API documentation on these calls so that I can test it on the phone itself.


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    You shoul just use TextBox with PHONENUMBER constraint. If phone has contact access option it will allow user to choose contact in a phone-dependent way.

    Create MIDlet with a simple Form containing such textbox and try it on a real phone

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    there is Nokia 6800 emulator, file name is "Nokia_Series_40_MIDP_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_3", i m using it to test my game as well.

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