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    LBS: color coding and transmitting channel info


    I am looking at the possibilities of LBS with a triangular measurement of the position of a handset. Therefore I need information of surrounding BTSes. I know the following:
    - A handset knows the cell ID and the transmitted power of his current antenna.
    - A handset detects surrounding BTSes so that he can switch between them if necessary.
    - A handset knows only the channel on which the surrounding BTSes transmit and it also knows the color coding. There is a maximum of eight different colors, because the color code is three digits.

    I wonder if it is possible to link the color code and the channel to a cell ID. Telecom operators have tables with cell number, address info (lon/lat as well as street) and signal strength (I have a database snapshot). Is information about the channel and the color code also included or retrievable? If not, then a triangular measurement will be quite impossible I am afraid.

    Thank you for your answer.



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    Hi Walter

    This is an interesting question. In the GSM network the Base Station Identity Code (BSIC) is made up of the Base station Color Code (BCC) and the Network Color Code (NCC). These items correspond to the Cell and Network in which you're currently operating. They are unique to that cell in a particular geographic location. Those numbers are re-used all over the world, but they must be unique in that particular geographic location.

    It seems to me you could triangulate to some extent using just the cell id and the signal strength, but you'd need to do some extensive sampling.

    I've been searching extensively for a way to retrieve the BSIC and BCCH (Broadcast Control CHannel), but haven't found anything yet. Sorry.


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