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    icon will not displayed

    Hi all, in my *.jad file have I set that I use a icon for my MIDlet and the icon is in the directory /res.
    When I load the jad and the jar file on my phone using Bluetooth and install the MIDlet it will all functionall, but the icon did not displayeble?
    Why can the phone not display the icon?
    The emulator of J2ME Wireles Toolkit from Sun show it, but my phone not:-(

    Can anyone help me, or have anyone of you the same problem?


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    Have you checked that the icon file actually is in the jar? What kind of phone are you using? In what format is the icon? (File-type, size, colours)?

    I use a 12x12 PNG file, with whatever number of colours gives me the smallest file. Mine is in the jar as /res/icon.png - I find that the path in the jad must start with the /.


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