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    General development question

    Hi everybody,

    I did not do any Java development for phones so far and have a question regarding development. I was wondering how easy it is to do development for different Series 60 phones ( 3650, 7650, SX1 ) especially when it comes to Series 60 phones of other manufacturers. If I understood the concept correct applications programmed in C++ with the Series 60 SDK should be capable of running on every Series 60 phone. But how is this for Java? When I look at the J2ME SDK for Java released by Nokia there are some specific packages ( com.nokia.* ). Will I also be able to use this packages on, for example, a Siemens phone like the SX1? Else this components do not bring so much advantage because portability of application built with this interfaces is not good. So can someone provide me with information on this?


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    You can yuse only standard classes.
    Basically Nokia specific classes bring you ability to use full screen, sound(Without any standard media API), vibra and ability to interact screen in low level - direct copying pixels from byte[] arrays.

    It's up to you whether you can sacrifice Full Screen, etc. for portability or vise versa.

    I suppose lot's of games for Series40 need full screen vitally, otherwise there is too small amount of space to draw.
    However, Series60 has large screen. Maybe full screen can be not mandatory requirement.

    Also you might have in mind not game development

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