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    MMS -> SMS notifications

    If SMS will be used as the MMS notification bearer, how does the SMS
    look like? In the mmsencapsulation document from wapforum it says
    that a notification.ind contains more than just an URI pointing at the
    MMS location.
    Is there a pecial encoding?


    Posted by Linus Larsen, linus@jspwired.com
    on April 03, 2002 at 12:53

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    RE: MMS -> SMS notifications

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on April 04, 2002 at 10:13

    The notification is delivered as WAP PUSH, which uses SMS as a bearer. The notification does *not* show up on the phone like a "normal" SMS message.

    You'll need to read all the specifications for WAP PUSH and MMS to get a better understanding of what the message looks like.

    The *main* part of the notification is the URL which points to the message on the MMSC, and it could look something like this:

    mmsc.myoperator.com...... is the address and port of the MMSC, and the rest is Message-ID number specified by the MMSC.

    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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