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    Saving operator logos on Nokia 7110, 6310 problem...

    Hi all!

    I develop an aplication for sending operator logos and ringtones, but I have a problem saving operator logos on Nokia 7110, 6310, 6210 : the logo arrived, it is shown, but it is not saved on phone. I'm sure that the MCC and MNC codes are correct because saving on other compatible Nokia phone models I have no problem. I discover that this problem occured when the phone had already another logo, but from another telecom operator.

    Can anyone help me with this kind of problem or is this another Nokia bug?


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    MCC and MNC


    i have a question. Where from you collected the Mobile Country Code and the mobile network code?

    I reside in india? My friend told me the country code for india is 404. Is that right ? How should i write it in PDU data?


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