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    Series 60 MIDP SDK 1.2 emulates slow?


    I have my midlet running on s30 and s40 and everything works fine.

    I installed the Series 60 MIDP SDK 1.2, Nokia Edition and the emulator is so slow ! My game doesn't run at all.. everything moves so slow.. The MIDP SDK 1.0 emulator seems a little bit faster...

    Anyone else had this problem ?
    Is this the emulator ?

    Is there another way to test my midlet on s60 ??


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    series 40 and series 60 phone is different in speed, my application working on series 40 cannot disply well on series 60 also, it is too fast, cannot c its movement.

    maybe u can use "millis_per_tick" or "System.currentTimeMillis()" to try out.

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