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    Getting started: Writing my own text-based application for the 3510i?

    [ I'm just a beginner and all your topics are so sophisticated, that I hardly dare to ask. But could you just give me some hints about getting started? ]

    I like my new 3510i so much that I want to write my own little java application. I'm thinking of a small "purse tracker". (It should have a text based interface much like the usual menu functions. I would enter expense categories, actual expenses and cash drawings. Then it should tell me the current nominal purse content and a summary of expenses by the category. I didn't find anything like that in the Internet, so I hope I'm not re-inventing the wheel.)

    - Most important: Which tools, documents and SDKs would I need to get this started? To compile and simulate the program on a win98 PC or on a SparcStation?

    - Is it difficult to transfer the program from the PC like using a USB cable? Or would I find a public server somewhere to upload the program and download it via air?

    - In the phone the stored categories and expense entries won't get lost when I have to change the akkumulator, will they?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Here's a nice resource to get you started:
    For an application like the one you described you should look into the high level UI components in the javax.microedition.lcdui package for the interface, and the javax.microedition.rms package for persistent storage (don't worry, data won't be lost when the battery dies).
    Downloading apps to the 3510i is best done over the air (OTA). Setting up a server to host your MIDlets is not very complicated (check out the last section in the FAQ).


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    Bitte melde Dich!

    Hallo Bernd.

    Falls Du das hier noch liest, wäre es schön, wenn Du Dich mal melden würdest. Vielleicht können wir uns ja ein bißchen weiterhelfen.

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    Grüße, Björn

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