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    Developing a D211 driver on embedded platform

    I would like to develop a driver for D211 on an embedded OS platform. I understand this is a multi-function card, and I would like to obtain necessary information on the CIS, initialization of the card, using it as a modem, and using it as a wireless LAN card. In addition, when using it as a wireless LAN card, there is a lot of configuration that needs to be done such as the ESSID, encryption key, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and etc. I would appreciate if such information can be provided so that I am able to develop a driver under the embedded OS platform.

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    Unfortunately all available documentation is in Forum Nokia at Nokia D211 Developer Manual and SDK. The SDK interface requires the usage of original Nokia D211 drivers.

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    Wrong card information structure (CIS)

    With the Nokia drivers installed there is no PC Card information structure (CIS) at all. On a machine without Nokia drivers:

    15 CISTPL_VERS_1 07004E6F6B6961004432313100FF
    manufacturer = Nokia
    card name = D211
    20 CISTPL_MANFID 24012011
    21 CISTPL_FUNCID 0600
    type = network adapter
    22 CISTPL_FUNCE 0107
    22 CISTPL_FUNCE 02C0D8A700
    22 CISTPL_FUNCE 0307
    1A CISTPL_CONFIG 0001F401
    1B CISTPL_CFTABLE_ENTRY C1011E715536C65A35018E7FE5135F6430FFFF

    This is a CIS of a WLAN PC Card and no multifunction card: There is only one function in the CIS. The CIS of the smart card security feature and the GSM modem itself are not mentioned within the CIS on the PC Card. Personally, I think even this CIS is not the correct one for the D211 WLAN function. Consequently, the D211 does not work anywhere except with a Nokia driver.
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    Developing a D211 driver on embedded platform II

    I have tried downloading the SDK from the website. But the available tools are windows & linux based. I need the necessary information to build the driver for D211 in a different platform. It is an embedded platform. I am not sure if the information can be released without NDA.
    1) The following information is required:
    - CIS
    - intialization procedures
    - timing diagram
    - GSM operating procedures
    - HSCSD operating procedures
    - GPRS operating procedures
    - wireless LAN operating procedures
    - wireless LAN setting procedures
    - registers definition
    2) Is there anyone I can contact directly with regards to the release of this information?
    3) If NDA is required for this information, please let me know.
    4) Is the card designed solely by Nokia?
    5) Why is the technical details not available on the website?

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    I would go for a Sony Ericsson GC79.
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