I am developing some security midlet (In MIDP 1.0) where I need to use Bouncycastle API's and this is what I have done....
I am using Ktoolbar (Suns wtk1.0.4)

1)I have put Bouncycastle classes into class path
2)downloaded retrogaurd.jar and placed it into Bin
3)compiled,preverified and obfuscated and when I tried to run it gave me this error and emulator vanished away.

This is the Error What I am getting.....

Notice that there is no error while compiling or preverifing or obfuscating ....

Project "Security3" loaded
Project settings saved Building "Security3" Build complete
Project settings saved Building "Security3" Wrote C:\J2mewtk\apps\Security3\bin\Security3.jar Wrote C:\J2mewtk\apps\Security3\bin\Security3.jad Build complete

ALERT: Unable to load class org/bouncycastle/crypto/AsymmetricBlockCipher Execution completed successfully 72976 bytecodes executed 8 thread switches 328 classes in the system (including system classes) 793 dynamic objects allocated (31948 bytes) 6 garbage collections (14864 bytes collected) Total heap size 500000 bytes (currently 476772 bytes free)

Waiting for your ans