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    Deploy java application to Nokia 3650


    I created a Hello World application by Java using Nokia Developer's Suite 2.0 for J2ME.

    It works fine in the emulator of the Developers's Suite. But I cannot deploy the application to Nokia 3650 by IR.

    I read from this forum that I have to create a .sis for deploying my application to Series 60 mobiles.

    Then, I installed Symbian 6.0 SDK and then use makesis.exe with the .pkg file as following:

    ; Header
    #{"HelloWorld application"},(0x01000000),1,0,0

    ; Files to be installed

    I send the .sis to my mobile via IR and it can be installed in my Nokia 3650 now, but I cannot see any application icon for my Hello World application after installation!!

    Do you have experience to deploy .jar application to 3650? Is the way I did above correct??

    Can anyone point me to a correct way?

    Jason Ho

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    You can certainly deploy the midlet over IR by sending the .jar and .jad (not necessary unless you have user attributes). It is received as a message in the Inbox where you click it to install. Then goto "Apps." to run the application.

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