The company I work for has developed a cool new MMS picture messaging service called StereoTypes. It takes your text messages and turns them into animated picture messages using one of six StereoTypes characters. You can choose which character delivers your message from Secret Agent, Dominatrix, Football Megastar, Super Model, Little Devil or Action Hero. Each character has a range of custom animations but which one will get attached to your message, be careful what you type?_who knows what might happen!

We would love to hear what you think of StereoTypes so we can make sure it is as much fun as possible when we launch. We are running a limited public beta that gives you advance access to StereoTypes in exchange for some simple feedback on the service. When you register we will credit your messaging account with some messages, when they run out you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about StereoTypes then we will give you some more credits.

To register for the beta and start using StereoTypes please visit www.Stereo-Types.com

We are testing 2 message delivery methods, please feel free to register and test on both. The MMS Notification interface gives a true reflection of the ultimate user experience but is more prone to message delivery problems caused by operator non-interoperability. The WAP push method is more should be more likely to work across international abd network boundaries.

Once registered you can send messages from:

MMS Notification:
Web www.Stereo-Types.com
Wap www.Stereo-Types.com/wap/
SMS +44 7800 140 893

WAP Push:
Web www.Stereo-Types.com/wml
Wap www.Stereo-Types.com/wml/wap/
SMS +44 7764 976 491

(MMS Notification and WAP Push servers require seperate registration)

Character Names:
SA Secret Agent
DM Dominatrix
FM Football Megastar
SM SuperModel
LD Little Devil
AH Action Hero

Use the following rules to send a StereoTypes message from SMS
1) Type in the recipient’s mobile number (or name from your Buddy List), then leave a space
2) Type in the optional 2 letter code for the StereoTypes character you want to use, then another space
3) Type in your message
4) Send to +44 7800 140 893

<Buddy Name or Number> <StereoTypes Character> <Message>
+44xxxxxxxxx sm Fancy going for a drink tonight
07xxxxxxxx dm What time shall I meet you?
Jane hd I’ll pick you up at 9:00.

Friends can be added to your Buddy List from the website. The Buddy Name “me” automatically sends messages back to you.

Cross Network MMS is still challenging as Network Operators don’t all have interoperability arrangements with each other yet. Be sure to let us know if StereoTypes works or not on your phone/network.

Please have some fun with StereoTypes and send us loads of feedback.
E-Mail support@stereo-types.com