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    Items don't show in the grid!

    hi all, I created my "EAknListBoxSelectionGrid", just like what the grid example did. and added icons and item data. But when running on the emulator, the grid can be seen, and the icons and the items string didn't show. I tried other types of grid, such as "EAknListBoxSelectionListWithShortcuts", the errors still existed. I am sure that the icons were created successfully and the item strings were read out from the Resource file. Could you point out what's maybe wrong, please? thanks!

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    Could you please post your code as well? From your description, I cannot do any help for you. You only tell me the result, but I do not know how you did it in your place.

    It is very important to give us enough information about what you have done. Have you successfully run the "grid" sample code? Is it working well in your place. What are the changes you made?

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