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Thread: MM7 Question...

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    MM7 Question...

    Have been going thru the mm7 spec and there is something that I came across that I have not seen explained in the spec/mm7 schema....

    The elements - RFC2822Address, Number & ShortCode can all have the attribute displayOnly (has a boolean value).

    What does this attribute displayOnly only refer to?


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    Hello -- the answer is in 7.2.3 of 3GPP TS 23.140, v5.3.0:

    "Additionally, it shall be possible to control which recipient(s) address(es) are utilized for actual routing and which are conveyed as informational only to be displayed to the recipient MMS User Agent."

    So any "displayOnly" addresses should NOT be used for routing -- they just show up at the far end as recipients.

    Now the question is: what is the point of that? Got a good answer? I'd love to hear it. The sample message submission in of that same spec doesn't really shed any light as far as I can tell. They send the message to 7255441234 and 2 other addresses, but additionally list 7255442222@OMMS.com as a "displayOnly" recipient.


    -paul / ForumNokia

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