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    Bluetooth SDDB Persistence

    Using the Java APIs for Bluetooth, it appears the only way to register a service with the SDDB is to use the acceptAndOpen method. This method then blocks waiting for an action.

    Our problem is that we would like to register our service with the SDDB and then exit our application. So we have two basic questions:

    1. How persistent is our record in the SDDB? Will it survive a detroy app call when we leave our application? What about after an incoming phone call? What about if the phone is powered down?

    2. If the answer to all of these questions is that the service is unregistered, is there a way we can create a more persistend record in the SDDB using Java or even Native Symbian? Our target device is the 6600.

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    Re: Bluetooth SDDB Persistence

    Hello everybody

    I have a similar problem and I found this post.

    I am trying to register my application bluetooth service in SDDB and then close the application without unregistering the service. In other words I want to keep my service being advertised via bluetooth without necessarily have my application running. Especially for Nokia S40 phones where applications cannot run in the background, it's really a problem to have the application always open as the user cannot do anything else with his mobile phone.

    Do you have any idea? If it's not possible to do it via the standard bluetooth API, is there any way to directly interact with SDD and change the settings there?



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