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    Using computer as a headset for 3650

    Ok hears the deal

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to connect a bluetooth enabled computer to my Nokia 3650 and use the speakers and mic on the computer as a headset.

    The only hardware that is set in stone is the 3650. I have not purchased any of the other hardware yet so any suggestions would be great.

    What I want to do is this.
    I am setting up a computer for my car.
    I want to be able to use the computer to dial phone numbers and act as a sort of bluetooth speaker phone.

    So if you have any ideas as to what software I will need to get to do this please give them.
    Also if you have any suggestions as to what hardware I should get those will help too.

    I am brand new to Bluetooth so trust me I will not be offended if you dummie it up. (the more details the better)

    I havent even been able to get my computer talking to my 3650 yet using a thinkpad bluetooth adapter.

    Thanx in advance.

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    what you are asking for is not quite easy to do at the moment because most computers do not implement the Headset profiles in their bluetooth stacks. The major difficulty is transferring data over SCO link - quite a pain to implement on your own. I was considering writing a program for a macintosh so that it could be used as a "macset" but it is on hold because Apple does not have anything for the SCO links.


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