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    incoming call phone number

    how can i retrive the phone number of the caller?

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    RE: incoming call phone number

    hi ,

    First get the session entry. If successful, try to get the CBaseMTM ref from the registry. Typecast the CBaseMTM to the CSMSBaseMTM. Get the header from the CSMSBaseMTM. After this use the api from the CSMSBaseMTM to retrieve the FromAddress().

    Logic wise,
    //Get the entry from the reserved session
    CMsvEntry* lEntry = iSession->GetEntryL(aEntryId);
    TMsvEntry lMsvEntry = lEntry->Entry();

    //Create the MTM ref from the registry
    CBaseMtm* lSmsMtm = iMtmReg->NewMtmL(lMsvEntry.iMtm);

    //Set the MTM context to the current entry.

    //Load message

    //Get the CSmsHeader
    CSmsHeader& lCSmsHeader = ((CSmsClientMtm*)lSmsMtm)->SmsHeader();

    //Get the Sender Addr
    TBuf<50> lSenderAddr(lCSmsHeader.FromAddress());


    Hope that it works


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