The N5100 SDK and the N7210(Nokia Dev. Suite 2) emulators don't download the .jar file. I've checked the URL in the .jad file and it's correct. On the N7210 the error message "Unknown file format!" is displayed, while the 5100 doesn't display anything. The .jad file is downloaded on both emulators. The conf.file on the server (Resin 2.1.9) looks like:

<web-app id='/'>
<mime-mapping extension='.jar' mime-type='application/java'/>
<mime-mapping extension='.jar' mime-type='application/java-archive'/>
<mime-mapping extension='.jar' mime-type='application/x-java-archive'/>

<classpath id='WEB-INF/classes.......

What can be the problem?