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    JSP errorpage content


    I have a wierd problem. I'm generating WML to WAP users from JSP.
    Everything seems to be ok, but when exception occurs and JSP errorpage
    should generate errornotice to WAP user, only requested URL and errorcode
    appears to WAP emulators window.

    I'm using Nokia Mobile Internet Tookit and it's WAP Gateway Simulator.

    Can WAP Gateway Simulator filter text that should be generated from JSP
    errorpage or what? I have configured errorpages normally into Web.xml file etc.
    Also, if I request errorpage from WAP emulator directly errorpage is shown
    nicely in WAP emulator, so, it should not contain WML errors.

    Thanks for help.


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    Solved myself. Lines in errorpage should be in following


    <%@ page isErrorPage="true" %>

    <card id="cardErrorPage" title="Error occured">

    Can not remember everything

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