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    difference in image size

    hi all,

    i was interested in raw image data. so, i tried this..........
    loading an image in to an CFbsBitmap Object.
    then use the GetScanline() function to get the image data..... and then copy this data to a file....

    to my surprise when i m chkin the file size it's very large then the original image........

    original image 696KB
    new file 900KB (created via GetScanLine Function)

    any comments



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    Firstly what is you image format you atre using ?
    In case your image is compressed, indeed it should be smaller than uncompressed data. In case you are just calculating the bytesize from pixel information, then look this post:


    It says somewhere there in the end that there are some "extra" bytes in pixels, which would of course take more space in the destination file.

    If I gathered righ, you would like to make a file that contains pixels of pictures in it. You could do this also with standart bmconv-program. Just define /n, so the output file is uncompressed, then you will have a header there (about 16 bytes) and pixels starting from left uppder corner. This approach would give you the picture size info (in header) as well as you could define the bits/pixel very easily.


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