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Thread: RTTTL to HEX?

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    RTTTL to HEX?


    How can I convert RTTTL string to HEX mode?
    So, if I had a ringtone in rtttl format, and I should get it in the format it can be sent, what I can do?

    I know there are a couple of programs that do this, but I should make a application for that so it would be better to know the system how to convert them.


    Posted by Olli Sirki, olli.sirkia@quicknet.inet.fi
    on April 22, 2002 at 04:20

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    RE: RTTTL to HEX?

    Posted by ANKANET (www.ankanet.com.tr), ankanet@ankanet.com.tr
    on April 22, 2002 at 10:34

    We have a Java API solution for handling these actions, you can use the API in any application easily just by making simple function calls.
    Ankanet Audio Utility API some features;
    - RTTTL to Hex string
    - RTTTL to MIDI
    - MIDI to RTTTL
    Please check url below and contact us for more information;

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