we have a J2ME app that runs happily on the 7650 & 3650 & is publically available & being purchased at the moment. The app runs fine on the 7650 with ROM version 3.16 (that's my old 7650). I have receieved a disturbing email telling me that the application fails to run on the latest ROM version - I think it's version 4.xx They tell me:

'The app installs OK but when you run its icon from the Apps folder, I just get "! Application Error" and nothing happens.'

This seems bizarre - can anyone enlighten me as to how this might happen, and how I can get an emulator with the latest ROM build so I can at least see the problem for myself?

If anyone has a 7650 with the latest ROM you can download the app by sending an SMS consisting of the word tubemap to 83248. You won't be charged - the app will run 5 times for free. It would be useful to see whether this error is seen by other people.

Thanks for your help ...

Mark Birch
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