Hi, friends:

I encounter a serious problem when debug. When I start a Jbuilder debug session to examine my j2me codes. the application stops at the breakpoint, but the highlight bar alweys points to the class name in a class file. As I use step into or step over, the highlight bar is still on the class name but the execuate point moves on. So I'm unable to know which line of code the debuger will run. But I can check the variables by type its name, this work is so hard

I have use different enviroments to solve the problem and get the same result. These eviroments are:

1. JBuilder8 Personal Edition+MobileSet3.1+NDS1.1
2. Jbuilder9 Enterprise Edition+MobileSet3.1+NDS2.0

I even use different JDKs and Emulators like:

Nokia 6310i MIDP SDK+6310i Emulator
Nokia 7210 MIDP SDK+7210 Emulator

And I start debug session by right-click jad file and select "micro debug"

I use laptop with win2000 prefessonal installed

Have anybody encounter the same problem and solve it?