I've done two test with BTObex sample application (Bluetooth Object Exchange Example), and the behaviour is different. These tests are:

1) Start BTObex sample application in two N7650. One as the server and the other one as the client. The connection and the data is received at server side without any problem.

2) Start BTObex sample application in only one N7650, it is, the server side. At the other N7650 I send one contact entry from address book using bluetooth (Options-> Send Business Card -> via Bluetooth). Then the receiving N7650 shows a pop-up window asking "Receive message via Bluetooth...?" If I agree, the message is sent correctly and received at Inbox folder.

Here comes my questions.
a) What are the differences between the two tests?
b) Why in the first test, the connection and the received data is managed by the BTObex application, while in the second test, the BTObex application does not manage anything, and the control is done by the Symbian OS?

Thank you very much in advance.