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    Spontaneous REBOOT - Series 40

    Does anybody else experience this problem?? Screen goes blank, and the phone returns to its "main" screen (as if it has just been switched on).

    Or is it just fabiolee and me?!?

    A workaround for this is DESPARATELY sought!! Any extra information would be helpful!!


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    what was the code, that caused reboot?
    I can try it on my phone/emulator

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    I have a 6200 that reboots. When it does happen, here's when:

    It's been off all night.
    Its alarm sounds, I snooze once, and allow it to turn itself on after the snooze wake-up.
    I turn on its radio.
    While listening, it makes a short buzz sound, I look at it, and it's rebooting. It might do that once more, but doesn't happen again that day.

    This is apart from its inability to receive/make calls sometimes, even after several manual reboots.

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    i just found out that maybe is my Nokia 6800 problem, my Nokia 6800 is a pre-vision.

    it didnt run garbage collector at all, i test it on other hand phone, it seem to be ok, but i not confirm yet.

    i will post it up after i confirm it, hope other ppl who facing this problem b4 also can share solution out

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