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    Copyrights for polyphonic ringtones

    Dear Sirs,
    Can I produce and sell polyphonic ringtones for mobile phones without having of copyrights for original songs? I can convert MIDI files to polyphonic ringtones. The MIDI files contain only instrumental music, not vocal performances. Therefore the polyphonic ringtones contain only part of the original songs ( Instrumental ). Also the instrumental music in the polyphonic ringtones is not completely the same with the instrumental music in the original songs. Can I use parts of songs for creation of polyphonic ringtones without having of copyrights for the songs ?

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    I don't think you are asking in the right place, and you should really consult a copyright lawyer, but in a nut shell, without permission from the writer of the original song (given through music publishers), what you are looking to do would be against international copyright law.


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