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    running at background

    Dear sir,
    while i am testing an app. (this app. depends on the following concept :
    1st step at 1st time running ,registration phase which depends on checking if there is and RMS or not....
    2nd step ,after 1st time(2nd time,3rd...),confirm registration and logon the app &this depends on checking a value of a flag in the RMS)
    and after successflly testing it on the simulator , i download it on the mob and begin testing.....
    the 1st time the app opens everything seems ok and begin registration , when i closed the app and reopen it ,the following msg appear and the app never starts "Running at background" ,
    i tried to find any problem in the code ,but nothing,by the way everything is good on the simulator....plz i need any support......
    i'm using 3510i ,and i exit the app by pressing the right side softkey which i previously i assigned it to exit......thx

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    I think it would easy, if you can share the code....



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