Still a newbie unfortunately, but getting there.

Problem: I have an application which I have built using the Hawk example applicaton bundled with the NDS. I have figured out how to compile with compiler flag of -target 1.1 so I no longer get the preverify warnings. Also successfully downloaded to my 3650.

When I choose applications and try to run the game then nothing happens.

I basically used the Hawk to figure out the APIs. I'm using MIDP in the Jad file as 1.0 (2.0 seems problematic????).

Using WTK 2.0 [actually using a batch file calling the NDS classes.zip]/ J2SE 1.4.1, Win XP, . . .

All runs fine in the emulator.

Question: After Goooogling for days I can't find anybody with similar problems, and not sure what the next step is in trying to debug/resolve this problem. Any hints?

[BTW: I have looked at the Vodafone VSCL (?) system and it seems to me that they have gone for the proprietary lock-in as far as APIs are concerned - am I right in that? If so I really do hope they get their fingers burned: I understand the difficulties in developing systems that stay close to specifications but hopefully Nokia will benefit from staying closer to the MIDP 2.0 specs. Please correct me if I'm wrong.]

Thanks in advance.