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Thread: Nokia 2280

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    Nokia 2280

    is it possible to develop SMS applications for the Nokia 2280?

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    Any Idea?

    Could you find the information you asked?
    Could you send it to me?
    I need to know how can I develop and deploy a Java app to the 2280 model.

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    Check the model decription.
    You can create SMS apps in Java if device supports either WMA API or Nokia SMS API

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    Dear doctordwarf, do you know how can I find out this information? The manual says only that the phone supports J2ME applications (actually it comes with two games). The Nokia support here in Brazil is also useless. They know absoluting nothing about APIs, J2ME, WMA, etc.

    I found a link at the Nokia.com site:


    where it is stated that it is from the Series 30 "Ui category".

    Do you think the Nokia Developer's Suite 2.0 for J2ME™ will work with it?


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    Some information I got

    Hi this I got from the Vivo carrier:
    "Informamos que a Vivo trabalha apenas com a tecnologia Brew, n?o trabalhamos com Java."(This carrier does not use Java just the Brew technology).

    And from Nokia support I got:
    My cell phone is a NOKIA2280 I am a computer Science
    Student and I live in the state of Sergipe in Brazil my provider is VIVO and I am needing information on developing and deploying JAVA applications to my cell phone.
    I am sending it to you because I got no response from Nokia Brazil website
    Thank you all
    "If you are referring to the old Nokia 2280 phone currently available in Brazil and some other countries in South America (as opposed to the newer Nokia re-designation), This phone is based on the Series 30 platform, which does not support polyphonic or Java applications like Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), or Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)."

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