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    illegal state exception at startup on 3650?

    Hi Nokians,

    I've developed a MIDlet that uses the MMAPI. It runs fine on the series_60_concept emulator, but when I beam the JAR file down to a physical 3650, it throws up

    "Application Error

    I'm stumped. Is this to do with the fact that the MMAPI is midp2, but the midlet and phone itself midp1?

    How do I solve this? I've googled for "IllegalStateExcep" and find nothing, and there's nothing on this forum or the documentation I can find.

    Any help hugely appreciated! I really can't work out where to go from here.


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    if you can track down where the exception gets raised, post the code section here.

    I pretty sure it has nothing to do with MIDP 1.0 vs MIDP 2.0.

    One example (same type of exception) I remember from the past was a bug in the main state machine logic that kicked off the same MIDI tune twice....
    Maybe it's something similar in your case.


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